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"In this book I do not discuss the concepts, the research, or the clinical experimentation behind this new paradigm, or its many implications for medicine; that job has been ably handled by Richard Gerber in his excellent book Vibrational Medicine (see Resource Bibliography). Instead, I offer a simple, effective working example of Einsteinian Medicine for you to explore and use."

Don Gerrard - Author

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Why Having and Using the Original Hard-Copy Book Is Important.

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The Hard Copy Book Has The Genuine Remedy Board and Original Images Included...

The Paper Doctor Book Original Images

Use only the original images in the book to make remedies. Over our years of experience, we have seen many cases where people were using copies of the images and getting poor or no results! (What a waste of life-force energy.)

If you need a more portable set of images when you travel, please get a set of the remedy cards offered at the end of the book. Also, remedy boards made with an improper magnet may not make a remedy with the proper balance and potency, or a remedy that makes the problem worse. Use only the genuine remedy board supplied with the book, and the original images in the book, or on the remedy cards to ensure your best chances for success.

What The Professional Are Saying...

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This book is a small miracle.... While quantum physicists continue opening doors revealing our lives as pure energy and consciousness, The Paper Doctor lets us put these principles into practice to improve our own well-being. A major breakthrough!”

Hal Zina Bennett, Ph.D., co-author of The Well Body Book and author of Follow Your Bliss 

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“Having devoted most of my professional career to dealing with prevention, I am always looking for the most natural way to prevent or treat illness, so I was especially pleased to get The Paper Doctor. It is wonderfully simple, completely non-toxic and in my experience very effective. I highly recommend this book to everyone.”

Thomas McGuire, D.D.S., author of The Tooth Trip and Tooth Fitness

Thomas McGuire, D.D.S., author of The Tooth Trip and Tooth Fitness

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“The patterns in Don Gerrard’s Paper Doctor may very well he the next evolution in our way of conceiving and practicing energy medicine. As a classically trained homeopath, I am conditioned to using remedies made from the original substance diluted to a microdose. However, the healing potential that remains in the energized medicine is still somewhat of a mystery.

“One possible explanation of the homeopathic preparation is that what does remain as an active healing potential is a pattern retained in water. The “essence” of a substance may in fact be the pattern of an energy field. This book may only be the beginning of a vast rediscovered dimension of energetic medicine that may in time integrate homeopathic and other forms of non-material medicine.”

Richard Plant, D.C. 

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"The Paper Doctor is a distinctly unique, self-administered procedure claiming to correct many of the most common complaints of illness. The procedures are so very simple, never involve medical jargon, are of no more risk than drinking a thimbleful of water and may be effective for those open to the almost magical concepts of Homeopathy.
The underlined ‘may’ imp lies my own reservations as a scientist conversant with the long history and central contentions of Homeopathy. Then, too, with author Don Gerrard’s methodology we are one step removed from the homeopath’s chemicals; for only the magnetic signature of these chemicals impressed solely on water is used as the remedy.
Within recent years surprising findings about the structure and behavior of water - and of the primacy’ of bioelectricity - have suggested that biologists may have to reconstruct their models of the life processes. It could be that the near future will write a scenario wherein our scientific knowledge is found to be lagging behind the thinking in The Paper Doctor.”

Dr. Norman N. Golciscin Professor Emeritus, Sciences, California State University at Hayward

The Paper Doctor Book

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